Time Warner Cable Sponsors IT-ology Cyber Saturday

Each month middle school and high school students come together to participate in the IT-oLogy Cyber Saturday.  Time Warner Cable Connect a Million Minds initiative makes this monthly event possible.  In addition to sponsorship, Time Warner Cable provides volunteers and give aways such as CAMM backpacks, pens and more.

 These free monthly programs led and staffed by IT-oLogy partners and volunteers provide students an environment to learn more about IT and the many career opportunities.   Cyber Saturday connects students with IT topics and hands-on activities providing the opportunity to inspire students to learn, think creatively, and invent. These creative sessions cover a variety of IT topics and presentations by young IT professionals.   The goal of this program is to give students the opportunity to explore and experience technology in new ways, learn about careers in technology, and inspire students to continue to learn through critical thinking so that they increase their proficiency in STEM.

In Charlotte North Carolina, a typical Saturday attracts 75 plus students representing as many as 30 different schools with diverse student representation including an equal number of girls and boys. One Saturday introduced students to an internationally recognized Apple Design Award winner who led students in a creative activity in which eager minds were able to design their own app.  The students were also introduced to Scratch programming language through hands-on activities guided by some of the IT community’s education leaders. Students also got a behind-the-scenes look into the IBM Watson project, (Man versus Machine, Jeopardy all time champions versus Watson) by one of the Watson project managers.

These interactive activities created quite a buzz, as students were overheard saying, “This is so cool” and “I already thought of 2 different apps to create”. Parents, too, were excited and eager to share the experience. 

IT-oLogy is a national non-profit collaboration of businesses, academic institutions, media, economic development and other organizations dedicated to growing the IT talent pipeline, fostering economic development, advancing the IT profession. www.it-ology.org