Cable Laws and Regulatory Links

North Carolina Laws

Cable Theft

Cable Franchises

Emergency Telephone Service; 911

Level Playing Field Law

Pole Attachments




Underground Utilities




Court Decisions

BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. v. City of Laurinburg

(NC Court of Appeals - January 2005)

DirecTV and Echostar v. State of North Carolina

(NC Court of Appeals - August 2006)

DirecTV and Echostar v. Tolson

(E.D.N.C. - February 2007)

Madison Cablevision, Inc. v. City of Morganton

(NC Supreme Court - December 1989)

National Cable & Telecommunications Association v. Gulf Power


Regulatory Links

North Carolina Secretary of State

(forms, fees, rules, and list of State-issued franchises)

North Carolina Utilities Commission

Federal Communications Commissions




FCC Regulations and Decisions

FCC Cable Rules

Order on Equal Employment Opportunity Rules and Policies

(November 2002)

Cable Modem Declaratory Ruling and NPRM

(March 2002)

Order in Georgia Power Case

(pole attachments - August 2003)

Vonage Order

(VOIP regulatory status - November 2004)

Time Warner Cable Declaratory Ruling

(Digital Phone interconnection rights - March 2007)

Order Preempting N.C. Rural Electrification Authority


Federal Law

United States Code - Title 47

47 U.S.C. Sections 521-573

Pole Attachments

47 U.S.C 224